Located in Malmö, Sweden, Stray Zorse is a one-stop development shop specializing in mobile apps, web apps and high-performance backends.

We see the big picture and care about the small details.

Whether architecting a scalable web service or polishing a smartphone interface, we take pride in our craft and technical expertise.


We know which tested and trusted technologies to hold on to – and when it’s time to move on to the cutting edge.

We like to use the latest open-source technologies when we can, but when necessary we make use of our long experience of enterprise Java systems. Our main focus is on iOS and Android, as well as Ruby and modern Javascript technologies.


We do this because we love it.

For the satisfaction of seeing a mockup come to life with perfectly interlocking functionality on the front- and backend.

For the feeling of knowing that thousands of people are delighting in our products every day.